Sant Agostino


Terre Nuove Tile from the Sant' Agostino Factory

The Terre Nuove collection is part of the “Supernatural” project that assembles the newest ranges of Ceramica Sant’Agostino products, manufactured with the innovative digital ink-jet printing system. This technology, developed for the ceramic production, offers unlimited opportunities of reproducing images with absolutely natural aesthetic results.

The picture shows that the digital printing system on ceramics makes it possible to produce an unlimited number of different tiles of the same subject: like it is real natural material.

The printing definition is perfect even in the case of particularly marked reliefs on the surfaces and, above all, decorates the tile from edge to edge. The digital technology permits to reproduce any kind of nuance, shade or tone that draw inspiration from nature. The digital printing system is also a technology respectful of the environment: inks are used at 100% without producing polluting waste.

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